Prediction: Google Buys Trillian

My quick bet. The Google Talk, that supposedly gets released tomorrow, and that already has a Wikipedia page up, will be an announcement that they have bought Trillian. I think they make the best, free IM app on the planet.

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  2. Jim Mathies says:

    Google is the late comer to “the show”, so they need to catch up in a great deal of spaces to justify their valuation. Apparently, their PHd’s can’t do it on thier own. I’d say it’s a good bet.

  3. dru says:

    Or they buy Trillian, and they have Jabber added on.

  4. dru says:

    well, this post is no longer relevant

    go to

    clean app, but no trillian

  5. Huey says:

    Dru, what do you find so compelling about Trillian? I’ve used it, but I don’t see as enthused about it as you are.

  6. dru says:

    It has a clean interface, but still cool. It works with all the IM networks. Doesn’t crash. Great app.

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