Hip Tip: Making Acrobat Reader Work in FireFox

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For about 2 months, I’ve had this issue where I couldn’t preview Adobe Acrobat PDF files in FireFox. Whenever I clicked on the link to a PDF, I would get a blank web page. Today it finally bugged me to the point of fixing it. I have come up with a list of items that may help you debug your issues. Before you start, have a web site handy that has a link to a PDF that you can test with.

Step 1. Go to about:config in the URL. Toggle plugin.exposefullpath to true.

Step 2. Go to about:plugins. Look for the Acrobat plugin, if it isn’t there, then stop and just go to this page to continue. It will tell you how to get the plugin installed.

Step 3. If the version of the Acrobat Reader plugin from Step 2 isn’t the same as your default Acrobat Reader. Go uninstall the old reader. (I didn’t have to do this, but it could happen.)

Step 4. Insure that all the mime types are enabled from Step 2. If they aren’t, go to your Tools > Options > Downloads > Plugins dialog and re-enable those mime types.

Step 5. Ok, if everything is correct (which was my case), and things still aren’t working, try this. It will clear up and then properly setup the necessary config.

Step 6. Shut down Firefox.

Step 7. Start up Adobe Acrobat Reader (I’m running 7.0.0 , or actually 7.0.3). Go into Edit > Preferences > Internet. Un-check Display in Browser.

Step 8. Start up Firefox and test the PDF view. In my case, it opened a separate Acrobat Reader application to view the PDF.

Step 9. Re-do Step 7, but this time turn on a Check in the Display in Browser checkbox.

Step 10. Re-do Step 8. You should now see PDF’s in your browser window again.


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