itunes music store is pulling it off

HBO: Thinking XXX

Ok, I’m no music snob…. really… but it does disappoint when you can’t get the music you want.

itunes music store is going against this trend, and delivering the music I want. It isn’t perfect, but I’ll be damned if they aren’t pulling it off. I have found more music there than I couldn’t find anywhere else. My old test used to be Alien Sex Fiend with “I walk the line”. Now most music stores can pull that off.

Today, I went for some old… (yeah, 90’s is fucking old skool now, governor) … Karl Hendrix and Archers. What happens? They fricking have it… that is what happens. Then I search for the real tough nut… old Helium. Bzzzzt. No go. I like their old song ‘XXX’ (hence the image above), but it is not there.

So, I do buy some music, and they made me happy. Very cool!

I can’t wait… ok… I can wait…. but it will be nice when I can finally pull video up on the ole mediatron and see movies that people left for dead.

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