A good web page on XGL for any distro

Here is a linux forums article on what XGL is all about. Good stuff!

BTW, tried it on my old Athlon – no go. I don’t have SSE on that chip. I thought it was a Duron, but it turns out that it is a Thunderbird core. This was the first Athlon for Socket A and the last to not have SSE :-(. The old box is finally showing its age (Ah, but, it can still do a mean Mame of Bubble Bobble!).

I then tried it on my dell with the P4 and the Nvidia 6600 GT. It ran Kororaa and X at 1920 x 1200 without breaking a sweat 🙂 Too bad. This box is for windows only.

Gotta try upgrading the ole Athlon to see if this will run 🙂

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