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Ok, Microsoft is one of those companies with some scary negative tendencies. Marketing and management is trying to put on the face of “we are nice people, we care”… with the highly visible slip ups to the contrary (they still think they can play the game the same old way). Then you have the many MS engineers and product managers. Those people are all over the map. A lot of them are very good and I’m sure they have their frustrations. Then you add those two groups together and its kind of like watching the movie WarGames when they are trying to break into the WOPR the last time. Where you have management constantly saying “Stand down the missles!!!” as “Make huge margins!!! Just good enough, and no more!!!” while other people just have to roll their eyes until they understand what the situation really is.

These people are creating the next desktop OS that will probably last for the next 5 years. Microsoft Vista. Yet, even with all of the crazy things happening, it will be better for me. They will keep the same keyboard shortcuts, APIs, and drivers. They will add a bunch of new stuff that eventually will be forgotten. At the same time, they will dramatically improve the graphics systems. That’s really all I care about, better graphics. Vista will have that and the best driver support on the planet for the cards that will render those pixels.

If they had it next month, I would install it. 🙂

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