Good blog software for comments?

hey, it is quick question day. What do you guys out there like for comment systems on a blog? I’m finding that people I know or don’t know may write an interesting comment. The problem is that others don’t really get to see it?

What is the answer?

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  1. Daniel Lyons says:

    I have always liked Typo’s comment system because it’s very responsive. My users don’t seem to like it because they don’t notice that an Ajax call is taking place and often submit the same comment more than once.

    I like threading but users don’t seem to care a whole lot about it. Unless they’re on LiveJournal.

    The main problem with blogs is that they deal in topical information, not conversations. Between a friend of mine and I, we used to write articles and then respond with other articles using trackbacks. But nobody likes trackbacks anymore because of spam problems.

    As far as I know, there is no good answer, and it has to do with the medium more than the software itself.

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