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ING Direct

If you want to make an easy $25 or 10% of $250 in one month, read on or contact me 🙂

Well, still here, :-). A while back, I decided to have an account to hold cash for 6 months of savings. I then looked around for the best account and I found the ING Direct savings account to be the best all around. There are no fees and no minimums. The interest rate is excellent and continues to go up. The account also links directly with my checking for easy access. In fact, after a large trade last year, I moved my future tax payment there to collect a little more interest. The transfers in and out were fast and flawless. Hey, and the interest for the 2 or so months was much better than a brick and mortar bank. Every little bit helps.

Before I joined, I found out that one of my friends had an account. It turned out that they have a referral system. When I signed up through him, I received $25 and he received $10. The only requirement was a $250 dollar balance in the account. This was not a problem for me since I intended to have more than that for the initial balance. Boom, free money.

So, as I was reviewing my balances, I noticed that I have more invites available. Contact me if you need an invite and get some free cash.

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