San Francisco Fiber to the Curb

Gavin Newsome

On Aug. 18, 2006, I sent a long email to Gavin Newsome to consider implementing a city-wide fiber optic system. Why? After trying to locate decent internet connectivity for our business, we were forced to use DSL. (Note, we use a different set of networks for production). This seems foolish in 2006 and will seem even more so by 2010.

Well guess what. They listened. Just yesterday, the administration released a press release describing their study that was commissioned 6 months ago. Of course, you and I both know that he really started this around August last year 🙂

I perused the PDF of the study over at their Tech Connect site. I have to say that I’m optimistic about the outcome. I encourage you to read or skim it. It has some very interesting technical parts.

Now, my next task is to get them to learn about the Octopus smart-card system in Hong Kong. Please email the Mayor about it, and be sure to mention my name 🙂

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