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Plaxo has just released Plaxo Pulse. Essentially, this is the first step towards an ‘open’ facebook or myspace. I tried the beta last week and they really nailed the feature set. I’m really happy to see Plaxo adjust their directions and move into this space. Is it game over for the other guys? Not quite yet. This is just a first step. However, judging by the velocity of their recent releases they are moving quickly. They are now at the table with all the other guys. Go check it out!

Also, congrats to Joseph, Ryan, the HipCal team, and everybody else for pulling Pulse together!

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3 Responses to New Plaxo Pulse

  1. Anujk says:

    Plaxo pluse has really come up with s great concept of “people feed”… i guess this is the most widely needed service at this point of time

  2. Former Plaxo User says:

    it’s too bad that Plaxo didn’t learn the lesson from Facebook and give users the ability to turn this feature off if you want privacy. The way Pulse is configured, every one of your Plaxo contacts sees all your other activity. Nice! The party photos I uploaded for my friends also get sent to my co-workers and there is no way to prevent it. Great idea Plaxo!

  3. dru says:

    Former Plaxo User:

    Good point.

    However, if you have photos that Google could find as well, shouldn’t the criticism be on you? Why are you surprised that people use public information that you have released?

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