Google Docs … Rocks

I have been slowly starting to use the ‘Documents’ section at the top of my GMail account. If you count GMail, this is Google’s equivalent of a web based Microsoft office.

  • GMail == Outlook
  • Document == Word
  • Spreadsheet == Excel
  • Presentation == PowerPoint

I haven’t used the presentation app, but I’ve used the others. All of them have excellent support for sharing and versioning. I’ve only had a few issues with the Document app. This is with their handling of embedded links in the document. If you try to open the links in multiple tabs, it stubbornly only opens the links in the same tab. Strange, but not that big of a problem.

Overall, these apps get the job done for simple tasks. I can only imagine them getting better and better.

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  1. Emad says:

    I’ve been using google docs for a while. It rocks because its reliable and fast for transferring files to different computers.

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