LOLCATS – I get it

(this was written about a month ago, but its time to kick this and other articles out)

Ok, lolcats – I’m late to the game, but I get it and I like them.

I first saw a LOLCAT photo when Twitter was down. I didn’t think the photo was that funny since the service was down and I was seeing a lot of them. Only those who appreciated the LOLCAT could enjoy the subtelty of that cat.

nice streetfighter reference

Then I saw this blog post with the author making the statement ‘I can has iphone?’. It was funny. Real funny. What is going on here? What is this I CAN HAS thing?

After a little bit of searching, I finally grokked it. They are mixing the script-kiddie hacker talk (which isn’t funny) with pictures of cats (which isn’t funny) and ending up with something… Funny! Or to the 60’s kids out there… ‘It’s like the beatles… as a group, they are awesome… on their own.. well…’. Or to the 80’s kids out there ‘hey your chocolate got into my peanut-butter’. I like! I guess cats are just the best medium and representation of haxor talk.

lolcats funny cat pictures

What is going on here?

Somebody made a programming language in LOLCAT talk. It’s called lolcode.. Genius!

Somebody has converted an entire episode of Star Trek to …LOLTREK! – highly recommended!

Writeups in the Chronicle and the WSJ!


Where this come from?. Wikipedia has its take on LOLCATS.This came from I CAN HAS CHEESEBURGER? Here is the ICANHASCHEESEBURGER take on the phenomenon.


My favorite american colloquilism take on him is this: PIMPBURGER

lolcats funny cat pictures

..however, maybe this was pre-internets:

Sir Cheeseburger

Schroedinger LOLCAT


‘I’m in your base – killing your dudes’ is the most common meme.

lolcats funny cat pictures

Then you have the ‘invisible’ x, y, or z.

Then you have ‘DO NOT WANT’.



… and yes, like all good things on the internets… we need their take on old memes:

‘Its a trap!’ Its a trap ( from icanhascheezburger )

‘All Your Base’

Instead of Cats All Your Base.. its Tapirs

… people are also trying this with Elephants and Walruses (Walrii?)

Walrus and Buckets Meme

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