BrightRoll announces some good news

This is the company I work for and helped start. It is doing great. If you haven’t seen the news, we made two very significant press releases this week.

The first piece of news is about the funding… we closed $5 million. This will give us plenty of runway over the next few years, but allow us to make some more key hires right now. Speaking of which we’re hiring great engineers. Yes, there are other companies hiring, and they all want great engineers. The difference is that we are still small and we are generating a good, growing revenue stream. Most of the other opportunities out there have already gotten big (google or facebook)… or they don’t have a viable revenue model (we’ll make cash out of those eyballs somehow…). If you want to see where video is headed, check out this post by Tod, our CEO. In a few words “monster growth”.

The second piece of news is about the 1 BILLIONTH AD! This speaks volumes about our system. Our customers are very pleased with the way we have executed the campaigns. As a result, we’ve been getting more repeat business. Let me also say that its not easy to execute these campaigns. There are a lot of variables (technical, business, etc.) that can go wrong. This event is a testament to the quality of the team!

We’re going to have a celebration of these great events really soon, so keep an eye out for the invite in your inbox.

Go BrightRoll!

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