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This weekend I was doing a bunch of surfing and ended up on the topic of genetics and gene therapy. One of the sites I landed on was 23 and me. After reading their site, I think they have a very interesting idea and business. It costs about $1000 to get a sequencing done. This is a bit steep for something that is a still a mostly a curiosity. Also, you probably wouldn’t want just one sequence done. You would probably want your children, siblings and parents. Now I’m sure $1000 isn’t too far from the actual costs, but I’ll wait until the costs come down. At that point, I’ll sponsor the entire family.

I do recommend checking out the site if you do have an interest in this field. They have some nice tutorials on basic genetics. There is even a nice short article on the question of whether Jimmy Buffet and Warren Buffet are related.

Also, as I check the news and email this morning, I find that they are officially launching today. What timing. They have even more info up.

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