Broadband Speed in the Bay Area

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When I first arrived in the Bay Area, special people here had insane connectivity. It was not uncommon to hear about some ‘key engineer’ or CTO with two T1 lines running to their house. There was a lot of money, and these people had to have great internet access. Everybody else still had dialup, but DSL and Cable modems were on the way. After a while, the little ISPs died and the ‘information superhighway’ was now prominently DSL and DOCSIS modems.

It is now 2008, though, and not much has changed in 5-7 years. The only difference is now that over 50% of american households have broadband as well as most businesses. The Bay Area, however, has not moved forward. I find it strange that the ‘hub’, the center of the internet in the US, is still using sketchy DSL and Cable modems.

Why aren’t the first deployments of any interesting, new high-speed access technologies happening here? Surely, there is a huge market of customers here?

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  1. Alan Brown says:

    Maybe its the huge costs of getting things done in the bay area.

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