Blast from the Past

Original Home Page

Wow, the original mozilla site is such a blast from the past. I remember the web back then, pre tables.

One other thing was interesting…

Trivia Question #1: Do you remember why through exist? through exist because the early browsers did client-side load-balancing: the browser itself had a special case where if it was loading “” it would actually pick a random number from 1 to 32 and instead load “”! Those were physically different servers in the Netscape data center.

Odd story, when Steve first showed me Mosaic on an SGI. He showed me this Swedish CS researcher’s “home page”. I immediately thought… ‘this is the stupidest thing I’ve seen in a long time’. It was like a Swedish version of Mahir. It wasn’t until I saw things like the early UPS or FedEx tracker (forms and access to real data), that I got excited about the web. The irony is that if I had seen what that first experience was really about, I probably could have predicted Geocities, Blogs, and MySpace/Facebook. 🙂

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