Wow – Firefox 3 supports inline-block

At the risk of being called and ‘HTML Programmer’, I noticed something important in the blogosphere today. It’s some news about one of the biggest warts with HTML is the layout system. HTML has notoriously bad design for the layout system. There isn’t a lot of symetry in the block vs. inline system. (Tables, although still useful and good, have the ability to be defined with ambiguous meanings. Even worse!).

At any rate, the news is that they now support the ‘inline-block’ and ‘inline-table’ for the CSS ‘display’ attribute on HTML elements. Before this fix, one had to use ugly float hacks to accomplish the same effect. It was always one of those things that when I tried to pull something off, the browser would render in an ugly and broken way.

This is awesome, so awesome that I had to blog about it. Once they roll out Firefox3 in large numbers, it means that all major browsers will support his feature. So, HTML still sucks… but it will suck a little less.

Here are some good links to help you visualize this ‘technology’

Mozilla Developer Center – CSS Improvements in Firefox 3

Ajaxian’s Take on these Features

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3 Responses to Wow – Firefox 3 supports inline-block

  1. Neville of the North says:

    There’s always XAML, WPF and Silverlight…

  2. Blog Reader says:

    Yawn. You need some better content Dru.

  3. GCV says:

    Yeah, Firefox 3 supports inline-block. But I am finding that the new implementation is flaky and this appears to extend to the already flaky -moz-inline-block. When I click on elements within the inline-block, they seem to jiggle about and them wrap to a new line, causing the block to double in height. This never happened in earlier versions of Firefox and doesn’t happen in any version of IE.

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