Everybody I Know Is On Facebook Now

For quite some time, certain old friends or relatives were just not present on the internet. They never developed the skills to use the internet. Or they didn’t feel that they needed the internet to stay connected to their friends or relatives. They might get an email address and clumsily send out a chain letter to everyone they know on occassion. Still, they never really ‘got it’.

Even with services that I was a part of like Four11, eGroups, or Plaxo… you would receive letters from users thanking the service for connecting them with some old lost connection. Again, it just wasn’t something that widespread. There was always that big hole in your timeline that was pre-internet.

As of yesterday, I have now received Facebook connection requests from people that I haven’t heard from in 30+ years. I’m talking old friends of friends, people from Elementary school, non-internet savvy relatives, or people I thought were dead. On no other social network have I seen this kind of penetration.

Facebook has won. Wow.

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