My favorite new Gmail feature – Drag and Drop – is here

Just recently, Gmail launched a new feature which I find indispensable. The big new feature is ‘inline images’. This is the ability to drag a picture right into the content area of an email. Prior to this, if you wanted to send an image, you could only send it as an attachment. Inline images are essential when trying to communicate complex information.

They key to this feature was modern browser support. Browsers just didn’t have the ability to allow you to drag a file from your desktop into a browser window and send that information to the site you were using. This is going to enable a lot of great things besides just ‘inline images’ in email.

Anyways, a sample screen shot is below. Just go to the link above and enable the feature. It will really make sending images so much easier.

As far as web-mail goes, I never expected it to get this far from back in the Rocketmail days. This feature is just another nail in the Outlook coffin. Webmail is now nearly as good and nearly superior to desktop mail applications. There are a few other problems still, but the plusses easily outweigh the minuses. Web apps continue to get better and better and better.

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