Rainbows End

I like to read, but I usually don’t spend much time on fiction. Still, every now and then I’ll read some sci-fi.

A few years ago there was quite a bit of buzz again about The Singularity. I wanted to learn more about this topic. A little research quickly turned up that Vernor Vinge is known to be an originator of this concept. He is a math/CS professor from UCSD that writes great science fiction. After watching a brief interview with him, I was intrigued and decided to read one of his books. I thought it would be an entertaining way to learn more about the Singularity. The book I read was called A Fire Upon the Deep. I really liked it, but didn’t get a chance to read any more sci-fi for quite a while.

A few weeks ago, my daughter decided to go to a library book sale. This is not a common thing for me or her. However, she invited me to go, so I decided to take her up on it. While I was there with her, I found a few interesting tech books. However, just before I left, I felt the pull to check out the sci-fi section. It was a pretty large section, but the memory of Vinge popped in my head. I scanned towards ‘V’ and found a book by him called Rainbows End. Without thinking too hard, I bought it. I really enjoyed reading it the days following. IMHO, I found it to be thought provoking and entertaining. Recommended.

Now I’m wondering why I haven’t been reading good sci-fi books more often. Especially considering the lack of good sci-fi movies. As I read more books, I’ll post about them on the site.

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