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Old School DEC terminal

  Old School DEC VT05 Terminal. Neat design.

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Google gets into Consumer Surveys

This new product from google that allows you to do consumer level surveys looks really interesting.  

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Strange behavior on Cisco / Linksys E2000 Wifi AP

Hopefully this saves people some time and energy. I have a Cisco / Linksys E2000 Wifi Access point. My son has an inexpensive PC connected directly to one of the ports on the back. We were trying to get a … Continue reading

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I use this ec2 instance comparison site all the time

I find myself using this all the time. Amazon EC2 Instance Comparison Amazon should have something like this on their site. Wikipedia too. UPDATE: I didn’t click through on the links above. It turns out that I know Garrett from … Continue reading

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Catching up with the amazing processor power and RAM density these days

I was just looking around at what the typical gamer PC would look like. I think it is amazing that you can by an 8-core processor for under $250. That is just absolutely amazing! Then I took a look at … Continue reading

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On Javascript Loaders, Memory Use, and History

As application code shifts more and more to the client, the old application patterns are starting to re-emerge. One of these old patterns is the need for modularity. I did some research on module loaders for Javascript. The current favorite … Continue reading

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Google – sliding a little towards evil

Just recently I saw these two ad spots on Google. I’m looking for directions to a coffee shop on Google Maps. Do I want to sign up for University of Phoenix? Really? I saw a different ad before (non-google).. but … Continue reading

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