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Google gets into Consumer Surveys

This new product from google that allows you to do consumer level surveys looks really interesting.  

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I use this ec2 instance comparison site all the time

I find myself using this all the time. Amazon EC2 Instance Comparison Amazon should have something like this on their site. Wikipedia too. UPDATE: I didn’t click through on the links above. It turns out that I know Garrett from … Continue reading

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Catching up with the amazing processor power and RAM density these days

I was just looking around at what the typical gamer PC would look like. I think it is amazing that you can by an 8-core processor for under $250. That is just absolutely amazing! Then I took a look at … Continue reading

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On Javascript Loaders, Memory Use, and History

As application code shifts more and more to the client, the old application patterns are starting to re-emerge. One of these old patterns is the need for modularity. I did some research on module loaders for Javascript. The current favorite … Continue reading

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Google – sliding a little towards evil

Just recently I saw these two ad spots on Google. I’m looking for directions to a coffee shop on Google Maps. Do I want to sign up for University of Phoenix? Really? I saw a different ad before (non-google).. but … Continue reading

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Wikipedia and Happy New Year!

Just donated some money to wikipedia. Happy New Year everybody!

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Quantitative Easing Explained


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Gmail Unsubscribe – another great feature

Google is now identifying junk mail and doing the unsubscribe request as well. It may not actually cut down on my already low spam content, and spammers. Yet, if there are good actors out there (like a lot of large … Continue reading

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