SF Cherry Blossom Festival

Took the family (actually they asked me to go :-)), to the 2004 Cherry Blossom Festival up in the city. The kids actually had a great time. I think the temporary immersion into a different culture put their senses on overload, and that is good. There were also a few totoro’s around for them, and they loved that. I have a picture of them in catbus. My wife enjoyed some of the artwork and the shops.

This was the first time I had been to that mall in “little Osaka”. Usually, I just went to the theatre that was there. It’s a neat place that I may visit when I really need to try out some different Japanese food. Unfortunately, I could not partake in the foods because of the gall-bladder problem!

Next weekend they will have a parade and more demonstrations and we may go to that as well.

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