On Plaxo

Today’s blog entry is a guest blog by a random user named not_blakec, and it’s about a recent Plaxo blog (see trackback) Without further ado….

Ok, blake != FALSE here, and I agree with that blogger’s post about being in Program Files and Documents and settings. While we’re at it, I would like to complain about Plaxo not being written in C#. Who are these guys and what do they have against some good old fashioned garbage collection?? This is a major peeve of mine. I mean c’mon everyone knows why C++ was called ‘a wart on a wart’. Get with it Plaxo!

(Note to the uninformed masses reading this blog, this is filed under Humor because, we are both engineers at Plaxo and have been anxious to get some of these fixes in for a while. That guys blog post ‘fast tracked’ those fixes for our upcoming 2.0 release which will blow your socks off)

(P.S. don’t fire me. I heart Boost)

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