Funny old story…

Back in the old eGroups days, after the merger with OneList, I was doing a tour of our datacenter for the CEO, Michael Klein. As I was getting near our cage, I did something that I do every now and then, something dumb – but funny. I noticed a cage that used machines like ours, and I proclaimed to the CEO, “look these guys are starting to use machines like us, people are noticing our great ideas.” Within a minute, one of the ops guys working for me turned a corner and I told him the same. He smiled and said, “Uh, that is one of our new cages”. I turned a nice deep shade of red in front of Mr. Klein and smiled. 🙂

(I thought of this today, as I was looking at a GUI timeline on the web and noticing how the early Mac UI was like a Lisa, until I noticed that it was a screenshot of the Lisa 🙂

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