Ok, if it isn’t already obvious, I had my surgery on the 21’st and it was a success (so far). I can now eat just about anything.

There isn’t much else to say. I was mostly worried about the actual pain and wierdness of being in surgery, but that part was actually easy. I had a great anaesthesiologist who tried hard to be a funny or with, but painlessly installed an IV and meds to prep me for the surgery. When I woke up in recovery, I just started talking about stuff. Then after a little bit, I moved myself to a table/recliner. Then I put on my own clothes (this is right after surgery). They told me I had some demerol on board, so that is probably why the surgery was so easy. After a little bit of talking, I saw my wife and I went home. I think I went back to sleep.

The next few milestones are the tricky ones.

Now, after a nice sleep, my pain medications are gone. If you had general anesthesia, then your digestive system is trying to get back online. You may experience pains or difficulty just doing the simplest things… like burping. So for the two days after the surgery, I had pain from the incisissions, and digestive issues. There were some painful moments, and coughing or laughing was not a good thing to do.

After that, everything was better, and the pains are gone. I also had some ice-cream and normal fatty foods.

Life is good again.

My thanks go out to people in the medical profession, and my sympathies go to those who have physical pain in their daily lives.

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