Nice Article on Feynman

This article is a nice read. I got the link via Bob Congdon, (a neato, old school NeXT developer who contributed to the legendary Lotus Improv project.

Anyways, I think the article draws on a really interesting figure. I like Feynman’s style. He liked straight talk, or real-world conceptual frameworks. He liked to tinker. That is a good life.

One other note: I saw a Connection Machine back in the SCRI days. I never got to use it. At that time 92-93, I don’t think anybody used the machine anymore. I heard that it was too hard to program. There was some truth to this since the leds were always in the same configuration, but that was a really beautiful machine to look at. People were more impressed by the new 233 mhz DEC Alpha box that we received. Still, any real comp-sci person will always believe that massively parallel is cool.

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