Recent movies…

Shrek 2 – Recommend – Not bad, had some slow parts. Seemed a little to adult for the kids.

Paycheck – Recommended – This was an entertaining sci-fi movie. I recommend the rental. Probably the only decent sci-fi movie I’ve seen in many moons.

Princess Mononoke – On the fence – I wanted to see another Miyazaki film. This one disappointed me a bit. Very serious topics and a bit too scary for the young ones. See it once.

The Cooler – Highly Recommended – A very enjoyable story, good production for an indy, and a nice score.

Rush Hour 1 & 2 – Recommend if you are in the mood – I was recovering from my operation and I wanted some fun Jackie Chan movies. The movies are predictable, fast food for the eyes. I was in the mood for this kind of junk food. These could probably fit into the category of Black/Asian – sploitation. It is sad to see John Lone (in Rush Hour 2), in this kind of movie, though. Jackie Chan rocks.

The Last Samurai – High Recomendation – A very good movie as well. If you enjoy learning about Japanese history and culture, and seeing what it would look like, this will fit the bill. High quality production, and great actors.

Seabiscuit – High Recomendation – Another well-done movie, high quality production. A good story, well told.

Bulletproof Monk – Don’t Recommend – I was in the mood for an action film. This film was just made for 18 year old kids, and was way … WAY too cheesy.

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