Larry Hagman is not dead. He is more alive than most of us.

I was reading the SF Chronicle the other day. There was a short article stating that Larry Hagman is not dead. Larry is probably most famous as the character J.R. from the show ‘Dallas’. He was also widely known as the goofy straight guy in ‘I Dream of Jeannie’. Apparently someone had mistakenly put this out, and it got circulated. He told the reporter that, yes, he did have a bad bout of a bacterial infection, but he was doing ok. Larry had a liver transplant in 1996.

Now all of that is interesting… but then he ventures this….

I was on my back for a month. My muscles atrophied. I didn’t have any strength. They said if I did need one (a liver), then they would put me on the (transplant) list. I said, ‘Don’t bother. I’m 72-years-old and I don’t want to deprive somebody of a new liver just because I’m greedy.’ I feel fine now. I am not afraid of death. I had taken LSD 40 years ago and I had ego death. That took the fear of death away.


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