The New iMac

I woke up this morning to hear about the new iMac during the business segment of NPR. When I got to work I surfed over to Apple to check it out. Overall, I think it is a really nice computer. I think they will have a nice 5-8 year run on this design. The price is too high, of course. However, if I had to buy a Mac these days, I know I would get an iMac over any other (even an eMac).

Now, its the secondary effect that will also be interesting. Apple has now set the new standard for the consumer personal computer with this design. I expect the larger PC manufacturers (Dell, Sony, HP, etc.) to start getting those iMac clones out in about a year from now. All of these companies had designs or terrible attempts in the past, but the technology is just about right now. My bet is that Sony will probably be the first to figure out a design. They have all the pieces required. It won’t be until Dell releases their ScreenPC that they really take off.

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