Colo solved…

If all goes well, I’m going to switch to some different IP addresses this weekend. I’m probably going to host my main sites with some hosting providers on the net rather than colocate. The price for these services is so low for the value that it just makes great economic sense. For my personal domains and email, I’m going to temporarily host that on a static IP via some friends until I get rid of those domains.

I do want to mention some companies that others have recommended, but did not use:

Terramark – This was recommended by a guy at work. They have rackspace for a machine at about $60 a month with everything.

Fiber Internet Center – I didn’t visit this place. It was recommended by someone who has been there (thanks again Neville). The cost is $99 a month and you get connected to the Palo Alto community fiber ring.

I doubt the prices will go much further down from here.

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