Have a Netgear USB Wifi Dongle?

I do, and there was a problem when running under Windows XP SP2.

When you use the 1.0 driver, you will get a Blue Screen pretty quickly that will have the main cause as BADPOOLHEADER. When I tried to solve this on my wife’s computer a while back, there wasn’t a solution. On my new computer I found that I had the same problem, as I expected, but I checked to see if there was a new solution for the problem.

Sure enough, they have a MA111v1 Version 2.5 Beta driver on their support site. I copied it to a little USB key drive, installed it on my new computer, and everything came up. (Note, that I’m using the v1 of the MA111, it has an orange led vs. a blue led.) Not bad for a $14 device from Fry’s!

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  1. Mike D says:

    Your recommendation helped, I now don’t get the blue screen of death. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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