Unsung engineers

As I was installing new software onto my PC today, I was thinking about the design of a CD drive. Just about every CD drive today has a tray that will close if you give it a little push. Who was the engineer behind that? Why did they add that feature?

That idea, to allow the tray to close if pushed, was a great design choice. I wonder what things would be like if that person designed a few other things. I wonder if their superiors knew that was on the engineering todo list?

Here is to that unsung engineer who made the not-so super important CD-ROM drive do something kind of intelligent.

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  1. Bryan Lee says:

    First, I disagree completely with what Mr. 1b44b33c05fb86b30c9 has to say. Second, my dad actually didn’t realize you could close the CD-ROM drive using the button – he always just pushed on the tray. Definitely a great design feature…

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