A little while back, there was this Web 2.0 conference. A bunch of dot-com bubble luminaries went there to talk about how the web is alive and well, and doing neat new stuff. (ie. “We were right after all”) Ok, whatever.

One of the bits that came out of it was clustered search. I’m a little late to realizing the importance of clustering, but its got roots in some of the AI research from the 1960’s. Cool.

So back to the story… the other day I was searching for some terms that tend to be overused in a field which I had no interest in. Google wasn’t doing it for me, so I thought I would try out Google’s clustered search, which they announced at Web 2.0 (By Mr. AI himself, Peter Norvig). I couldn’t find it on their site or on their labs site.

So then I remembered a site that a Stanford Symbolic Systems guy I work with recommended. It’s called Clusty, and it’s great. The people who created it are from Pittsburgh, PA, so I suspect that they are from Carnegie-Mellon (good CS school).

The site looks clean and it totally worked for me.

Go check it out:

I think I’ll start using them more or as another tool for the toolbox.

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