New Processors are finally out

The new Intel and AMD dual-core procs are finally out. So far it looks like AMD has a good lead on Intel again. As a result, Intel is dropping the prices on their introductory dual-core processors to the $200 – $500 range. Even more interesting is the fact that they dropped the Hyperthreading on these low end versions. (Hyperthreading – aka SMT or Cray MTA). Intel does have one processor that is multi-core and Hyperthreaded (so it shows 4 cpus), and this is the Pentium D 840 Extreme.

This is interesting since everyone is getting a bit hyped up on dual-core and the details are significant. It doesn’t help that the benchmarks are all done with the ‘Extreme’ version of their 8xx line. Overall, this dual-core thing is just another trickle down of SMP to the masses. So, instead of having a higher quality motherboard and ‘server class’ features, you can do SMP/SMT on your basic single CPU motherboard. Therefore, I think all of these benchmarks should be balanced against SMP. Maybe they should do a graph of total cost for a $ per mip.

I know this. My next big computer purchase will definitely be a multi-core processor with Hyperthreading/SMT from Dell.

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