2005 – Year of Javascript

I think 2005 is the year for Javascript. Just today, I read about the Windows Genuine crack where you type javascript:void(window.g_sDisableWGACheck=’all’) into your browsers window, and you disable it. Funny.

Ok, but seriously, Javascript has made an impact everywhere you look. It is a

Web 2.0 – Google Gmail, Google Maps, AJAX, Microsoft MSN Start, on and on… it has raised the bar for the web experience

Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird – use Javascript heavily as their internal glue language for XUL

AOL AIM – uses Javascript with their XUL like language, Boxley

Microsoft – has JScript available to all their products

Macromedia Flash – uses javascript as it’s ActionScript language

Adobe – they use Javascript for their embedded language in PDF documents

I think Brendan Eich, he deserves some credit for this. His language has jumped through a lot of hoops, and has fit well in this role.

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