Harry Potter

I pre-ordered the latest Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, but my daughter and wife took priority in the reading order. It’s been at the house, but I didn’t have the inclination to pick it up and start. So, a couple of weeks ago when we went to the Redwood City library for Bookstock, I found myself sitting in the children’s section. I was just sitting there while the kids went book hunting. My daughter came over and picked up one of the available copies of HBP and handed it to me with an expectant look. So I started to read it there. Over the next couple of weeks, I would catch a few chapters before bed with the copy.

Overall, it felt like it was quick read, and not bad at all. There was definitely a different kind of tension. The humor was slightly different. I guess this is what is meant by the reviews of the book being ‘darker’. I just felt it was more serious. Also, the members of my family weren’t so happy about the ending, but wasn’t surprised by it.

Yeah, I would say its good.

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