Decent removable drives?

Back in 1998, at eGroups, the founders were keen on these removable hard drive trays that were inexpensive. They were also prone to failure since they were so cheap. This effectively made them useless.

With SATA here, and USB 2.0, and firewire… are there any good solutions to this problem yet? Unfortunately, most consumers don’t ever consider the need to just pull a drive and move it to another machine. (This is also probably due to the failure of current operating systems to support this easily.)

I have a box. It’s an older one that runs Win2k. I’m thinking of running a Linux on it, but I don’t want to lose the Win2k drive. I have multiple drives available, it would just be nice if it only required me to swap the drives with a simple: power off, pop drive out in tray, put new drive in, power on. I can do this right now with my 1U server that I have and it’s awesome.

I guess what I’m asking for is a standard. Can’t ALL the computer manufacturers get together and solve this issue?

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