The War is Still on My Mind

As I was driving in to work today, the subject of a radio show I was listening to was the anti-war effort. They wanted to discuss how well it is going…

Regardless of how it is going or the complexity of the issues around it, I have a few solid beliefs. I want to put this out on the blog since I usually post just about technical topics. I feel like I’m contributing to the war by not saying something about it.

  1. I still think about the war and I think it is wrong.
  2. It pains me still, that I will look back at this era, and state that I had to endure 8 years with this idiot known as “our President”. I hold him and his administration responsible for this and a few other Really Bad Decisions.
  3. I don’t like “war without effect”. I feel like we should all be constantly reminded of the war, who pulled the trigger, and what are the consequences. Instead, I, like many other people, probably get caught up with our daily lives. I think this disconnection with our foreign actions is what gets us into these disasters in the first place.

Thanks, for reading.

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