Dr. Who Night in the SF

Saw the new Dr. Who last night! Steve invited me to a cool Dr. Who get-together up in the SF. I don’t have a TV anymore, and I’m still happy about that. However, I do miss a good Dr. Who show (and decent Sci-Fi in general).

Overall, I really liked it. Sure, there are some great aspects of the old series that probably aren’t very marketable in todays media, and therefore not present. But the original spirit is still there! So, I would recommend checking out the new Dr. Who.

side note: It was nice being up in the city. I can’t do it all the time. But every now and then, it is fun to cruise around the big metropolis at night. With those dim brown lights (sodium?), and the chilly air, it does have a special feeling that is different from the valley.

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