106.9 FM

When I’m in my car, I listen to FM radio. The CD changer in the trunk broke a long time ago and I don’t own an iPod.

Over the last few days, I’ve been listening to 106.9 FM. I don’t know who is licensed for that band, but I can tell you that the stuff they are playing is quite unique. It’s kind of like a live version of Negativland. They just constantly play a collage of sounds from old 30’s radio, movie sound bytes, a few bits of songs, songs mixed over political sound bytes … just about anything from the dawn of radio to just odd sounds. Its a cool art experiment.

All of this is done without commercials, a DJ, or a call sign every 15 minutes. This is definitely not going to last, but I just listen to it whenever I’m in the car. Where else do you have kermit the frog exclaiming that he is the director only to be mixed in with a quote from some senator who is asking whether the Iraqi consititution that was just ratified will hold up.

Is this happening anywhere else?

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