Red Hat Deskstop, Nvidia Linux Driver

Quick blog up:

After using the X server with GNome for a while, I made a few theme tweaks. The appearance is a little bit nicer.

However, the screen tearing was bothering me so I decided to go for the Nvidia Linux drivers. I downloaded it and followed their instructions. Yeah, most people aren’t going to know how to bring the system to run-level 3, but for a Linux driver I have to say this:

The Nvidia linux driver was the smoothest driver install I’ve ever seen for linux. Wow. Fantastic job!

Well, after I started up with the new driver, I was promptly disappointed. Although it is using the new driver, the screen tearing persisted. X Windows is just fundamentally flawed in this respect. Also, even though they have a backing store system, it isn’t recommended for use since it has some serious design flaws.

So, kudos for Nvidia.


I declare the best video system for any computer today to be Apple’s OS X. No other system avoids flicker or screen tear like theirs… as well as provide seamless OpenGL support.

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