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When I started using OS X, one of the first apps I downloaded was Firefox. I really like some of their extensions, so it’s a done deal. Over the past few days, I’ve also been using Safari. Overall, it is not bad… in fact it is quite good. It definitely has a few problems (for example, closing all your tabs when you close a window. Check out Taboo if you want to solve that.)

So, I’ll be using both Firefox and Safari on the Mac. One thing really bugged me though. Firefox’s HTML buttons and controls looked bad in a page. What to do?

Wait, of course. If you aren’t an early adopter, someone out on the internets will solve your problem for you.

In this case, I found this app called Firefoxy that adds a few files to your Firefox install that gives it a much much cleaner UI. This will work on other platforms, but the App is only for OS X. I just downloaded and then dragged Firefox onto Firefoxy and it does the magic. If I want to turn it off, I just do the same thing.

I’ve been using it since Friday night, and I must say that it is worth it. Great job Firefoxy and team!

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