Los Altos

A few weeks back, I saw some memory available on craigslist for my Dell. the guy was selling 1 gig of DDR2 memory for like $45. I contacted him and he said the memory might have some trouble. Long story short, it did and the guy graciously took the memory back and refunded my money.

What was interesting was that it was in Los Altos. What was neat that when I got to the guys place, it was a small office building at night. I could see inside the offices of the building. You could tell that some of the offices were distinct companies. Each company was like 3 or 4 guys sharing a space meant for 2. Each was composed of various ethnic backgrounds. Each looked busy, happy, focused, and determined. In the cool night air, in a sleepy, ‘small town feeling’ office building that has an animal hospital… some people were trying to build companies. As I walked into the building, one of the companies looked like your classic valley startup. Posters, books, and papers were everywhere on their desks. An oscilloscope and other EE gear sat on a bench with some prototypes. Other guys were coding away on their cheap computers.

Good stuff!

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