Ok, it’s probably going to be a pilot

I will join the SUV driving ranks here in America.

Now, in typical fashion, it is time to optimize the choice.

  1. GPS Nav or no nav.
  2. Leather or not.
  3. Colors.

I think GPS is the toughest question. Usually the NAV system costs an extra couple of thousand. However, if Mr. T is riding shotgun with me… man it is totally worth it!

Anyways, the choices are as follows:

I like GPS and mapping. It sucks to get lost. It seems like a nobrainer to have this kind of system everywhere. The problem, is the cost. What is the fair price.

Buy it integrated – most expensive: $2500 – $2900

Buy an add-on: Tom-Tom Go. These are like $800

Buy an add-on embedded: Alpine or some other manufacturer. Didn’t check on how much these cost. I think this is a great option.

Wait for my phone to pull it off: Now that would be the best option. How are those location aware phones doing?

Seriously, though. Why hasn’t GPS become a commodity yet?

So, car purchase, almost there. 🙂


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  1. Mark Jen says:

    Yes GPS, Yes Leather, Yes Colors…

    The add-on embedded navs are around $1k-$2k depending on the particular system, size of the screen, etc. I bet you can find these on eBay for a good price. You will need a DIN or double-DIN size slot available or you’ll need to remove your factory radio (which might be suck anyways). I’m sure you’ll be able to find a kit/wiring harness somewheres 🙂

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