Sony PSP

Sony PSP

Lately, I’ve been thinking of getting a Sony PSP. Why? I’m going to be taking more trips and it would be cool to watch movies, surf the web, and play a few games with something that isnt’ a laptop. I’m going to try one out tomorrow, so I’ll post my mini-review then.

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  1. I like my PSP. I got one about six months ago when I finished Podcasting Hacks. The games are pretty good, though shorter than their console counterparts. The movie quality is good. And I like the fact that you can put a bunch of home movies and pictures on your memory stick and use it as a slide viewer, moview or MP3 player.

    On the downside you will want to buy some sort of screen protector along with the PSP. And the games and movies are relatively expensive. Plus if you are interested in putting any larger movies on it then you will need to buy one of the larger memory stick duos, like the 1GB one.

    On the up-side I have never needed an extra battery. The unit seems to be efficient enough to last reasonably long trips. For example, I used it from SF to LA with no problem, and from SF to Monterey and back with no problem.

    For games the SSX game is fun and good for kids. There are puzzle game like Mercury that are good for young and old. And some of the driving games are fine for kids.

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