Tunes in the car – update

ipod 3rd

Ok, here is the state of the iPod in the car. I’ve got a Car-To-iPod box being shipped. I picked a unit called the iCruze from Monster Cable. There are a bunch on eBay that are inexpensive, so I got one.

Now for the next problem… I need an iPod 🙂

Yes, that sounds strange, but its true. I use iTunes on my Mac mini at home, and the iCruze will only interface with an iPod with a dock connector. So, rather than hack the iCruze for some other MP3 player, I’m just going to pay a little extra and just use an iPod… or so I thought.

Well, I did some research into getting a used iPod from ebay or on craigs. Guess what? These things really hold their value. In fact, even the “known to be broken” ones go for $50 – $100. I find this to be crazy and inline with other Apple products. The resale value is just so much higher than you would expect.

So, my dilemma (a typical one at that), is that I have to figure out how to spend $100 on an item that I consider a luxury. I never try to spend more than that on something that isn’t essential. This is tough. Even Apple charges $150 for a refurbished iPod mini… the one they don’t make anymore 🙂

Well if anybody knows anybody getting rid of a working/broken 3rd/4th gen iPod.. or a mini. Send them my way. Otherwise, I’ll keep scraping eBay 🙂

Weird market!

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