Snowboarding Last Weekend

Last weekend’s boarding was great! I took the Honda Pilot up to Tahoe, and wow … no need for chains! So good. The destination was Sugar Bowl.

Anyways, the mountain was in great shape. Not overly powdery, not beaten down. There was occasional sun followed by snow every 20 or 30 minutes. When I got there, I met up with my pal who was going to board with me that day… Stewart C. He was the guy who got me into boarding 8 years ago. I’m still using the Burton Air that I bought of him.

As I did each run, I would complain about my bindings. They were getting a bit old and the right foot toe strap was complicated to get on because of a hack done by the previous owner 🙂 It worked great, it was just a bitch to get on. Anyways, all is good and neither of us wipes out too bad. Then on the 9th or 10th run… just before I get the strap on.. the binding broke! The plastic was just too old and it cracked apart. No more boarding for the day. The bindings couldn’t be repaired. I had to hike up to the main lift (man, I’m way out of shape), and let the ski patrol do the ‘download’ at around 2:30 PM. I was ok with it. The weather was getting worse and I was getting tired anyways.

Overall: total success!

Next trip: 2 weeks Next goal: get goggles AND new bindings

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