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I’m going snowboarding again this weekend. It is the first ever Plaxo company ski trip, and it should be a lot of fun.

The problem though… I broke my binding. I had to get it fixed… yesterday. So after a bit of searching and calling around to REI and Any Mountain, etc… none of them had it together. I called up a place I originally got my gear at… Skate Works in Redwood City. They had the stuff I needed.

First, however, I went to the Mountain View store thinking they had the ski gear there as well. This was just an assumption by me since I work in Mountain View. Nope, they didn’t carry snow gear there. However, some guy, who I think was the owner was really helpful and told me who to talk to in Redwood City. Ok, no problem, I can go there later since I live very close by. Besides, they were the only store that had the bindings I want. So I left work early and go down to the Redwood City store after picking up Aiden. Wow, what a great skate shop. The snow stuff is not a huge department, but they do have quality gear you will ever need… at a really good price. Most importantly, they fixed my old binding for like $10. Fortunately, though, they had the bindings I wanted, on sale for $120… so I bought them. This is better than eBay, craigs, whatever. These guys took care of getting them on the board and were totally helpful. I mean… the people working these stores are a lot nicer and more “with it” by a wide margin compared to the other places.

Overall, Skate Works is highly recommended. I will go their first when I need the right stuff with the right people.

BTW, if you didn’t check the link to Skate Works above, you’ll miss out on their sense of humour.

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