The Apple Experience

I’ve been using Mac OS X consistently since around November of 2005. Overall, the experience has been good. I’ll list some of the good and the bad.

The pros: – Everything is in your user directory, there is no registry – The look and feel are excellent – Laptop integration is excellent – Everything generally works well – Networking / wifi works without issue – Firewire support is excellent, it is how I do backups – Peer to Peer wifi works great – Unix!

The cons: – The lack of good keyboard shortcuts limits productivity – The lack of a second mouse button on the system is disappointing (even NeXT had two mouse buttons)

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4 Responses to The Apple Experience

  1. You might want to pick up an Apple Mighty Mouse. It may not look like it, but it has 3 buttons and a 2d scroll wheel.

  2. dru says:

    I have tried those, and I didn’t like the mouse. I find Microsoft or Logitech mice to be the best.

    Still, the problem is that this is a laptop, and I don’t want to lag a mouse around. I want to keep my hands on the keyboard.

  3. smiley says:

    I use a MS wheel USB mouse, and I use the the right click all the time. Obviously it depends on the application for context, like in firefox, I get back, copy, ect. I too love os x, I’ve been using it about the same amount of time as you. My PC died late last month, and I havn’t been strongly motivated to replace it. While working ont his mac mini is about 60% the speed of my old PC I still get more done. This $600 mini replaced my old SGI Indy which was my web and mail server for about 5 years, at about a quarter of the cost. I may actually get a new intel mini to use as a desktop and just leave this as a server. But I think I have to have a PC, just to remind me how badly it sucks. |-

  4. dru says:


    Yep, I hear you. I must say that the Intel macs feel a bit faster in some operations.

    When Vista comes out, I’ll get a copy of it just to keep current.

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