New Era Meme: Death of the Middle?

Recently there have been a few grreat memes that have described some new and relevant patterns. The Long Tail is a great example of this.

As I was watching the events of recent, I’ve been noticing a pattern too. I call it the ‘Death of the Middle’. Maybe this is just a phenemenon in America, but I think it is worth discussing.

Do you see a ‘Death of the Middle?’ Or maybe this is just a ‘Less of the Middle’? There is something definitely happening to the middle.

For example:

In America, you are less likely to be in the middle. You are either fairly poor (ie. in major debt) or you are becoming very wealthy.

In Movies, the successes have either been major productions or ultra-low budget films.

If you want to make a living writing software, you will either work for an open source company or end up working for a large corporation.

When buying something, you either deal with a high end sales team or you buy direct from the factory. The middleman is going away or losing power/margins. (Think about how many businesses have stopped competing with WalMart or major restaurant chains).

Countries are either very advanced or really not advanced.

Can you think of more examples?

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